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    • 'Illuminating the transnational linkages and interconnections that shape higher education in the global age, the contributors offer critical, insightful, and erudite assessments of how universities around the world are adapting to--and resisting--global neoliberal pressures. Comprehensive and accessible, this collection is a transdisciplinary tour de force!' - Manfred B. Steger, Professor of Sociology, University of Hawai'i-Manoa & Honorary Professor of Global Studies, RMIT University

    • 'This book signals a maturation of the global studies of higher education. The authors break from the teleological pro-globalisation and anti-globalisation narratives (the mirror of each other) that still dominate much of the commentary. They provide us with generous theoretical tools and vivid observations that help explain us to understand the global, national and local spaces that we are in—and the spaces that we can make for ourselves.' - Simon Marginson, Director of the ESRC/HEFCE Centre for Global Higher Education, and Professor of International Higher Education at the University College London Institute of Education

  3. Building the knowledge economy in Europe: New Constellations in European research and higher education governance (2014), Cheltenham: Edward Elgar (with Åse Gornitzka) (Google books)

    • Book review by Mitchell Young in JCER (February 2015)

    • Book launch at the EU Centre Singapore (October 2014)

    • Q&A book discussion (July 2014)

    • 'At last! Here is a research rich and conceptually coherent account of two interlinked policy domains that have scarcely featured in either the Europeanisation or higher education literature. Such a book is needed. During the last decade, a European Higher Education Area has emerged and EU higher education and research are now strategic issues for EU growth and innovation policies. The book offers a convincing demonstration of why policy evolves in different ways, even in related policy areas. The eight case studies, written by established scholars and rising academic stars, point up the clash of institutionally embedded tensions in EU policy-making. These tensions are sector-specific. But, thanks to the comparative nature of the study, we can also appreciate a historical dimension to tensions of governance. This explains why in some cases European integration is accepted, in others treated with suspicion. This is a breakthrough book and as such is warmly recommended for both European studies and higher education studies teachers, researchers and students.' - Anne Corbett, author of Universities and the Europe of Knowledge, and Senior Associate, LSE Enterprise, The London School of Economics and Political Science

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