The following are brief descriptions of my current and completed research projects (organised by completion year). Please contact me for any further information.

Comparative regionalism and the politics of food

Funding: NTU Nanyang Assistant Professorship Start-Up Grant (2019-2021)

This project explores food politics and policies from a comparative regionalism perspective. (I am the PI.)

Competing for talent in a globalised world (COMPETE)

Funding: NTU Nanyang Assistant Professorship Start-Up Grant (2014-2019)

This project examines how governments in Asia and Europe strategise in the global competition for talent - nationally and at the regional level. A specific case study is the health sector. (I am the PI with Dr Lucie Cerna, OECD.)



Nexus of European Centres Abroad for Research on the European Higher Education Area (NEAR EU)

Funding: EU Jean Monnet Network Grant (2016-2019)

This project aimed to broaden the field of European integration studies by incorporating the domain of higher education in the research and activities of European Study Centres. (I was the PI from NTU.)

Regionalism and the global higher education market (Re-Global): Asia and Europe in Comparison

Funding: Ministry of Education, Singapore; Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier 1 Grant (2014-2018)

This project develops a new concept to describe and explain the proliferation of regional higher education initiatives throughout the last two decades. (I am the PI with Dr Pauline Ravinet, Université de Lille.)

Singapore in the global talent race

Funding: National Research Foundation, Singapore; Science of Research, Innovation, and Enterprise Grant (2015-2017)

This project assessed the value-added of international academic talents on Singapore's Science, Research, Innovation, and Enterprise investments and interventions. (I was the Co-PI with Dr Wang Jue, NTU.) The closing conference programme and presentations are accessible HERE.

Doing higher education regionalism: the role of research and university administrators in achieving global excellence

Funding: Institut Français de Singapour and NTU; Merlion Grant (2015-2017)

This project identified the administrative apparatus essential to facilitating the movement of researchers across national borders and achieve global excellence. (I was the PI with Dr Pauline Ravinet, Université de Lille.)

Organising scholarly networks

Funding: Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) Scoping Award (2014-2015)

This scoping project surveyed the literature within the fields of history, research, and education policy on how scholarly exchanges were organised, and analysed a specific case on academic exchange, Rhodes Scholarship. (I was the Collaborator with Dr Tamson Pietsch, University of Technology Sydney.)